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CD Business Card




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Nowadays, all your products and services can be made available to your clients through your CD Business Card. CD Business Cards are a relatively new media type that allows you to present your company and its activities in a much more dynamic, attractive and user-friendly way.
With the click of a mouse your potential clients can order your products and services, or contact you for more information.
By placing your CD Business Card into their Computer, your clients will be automatically connected to the internet and able to order your products, contact you, or access your existing e-commerce website.

The CD Bizcard makes a great impression to your valuable clients who can enjoy a multimedia presentation about your company right from your CD Card. They can also view your whole product catalog on this CD as well.

The CD Bizcard is a revolutionary breakthrough in CD-R storage. Anything that can be digitized can be stored on a business card sized CD-ROM which can be viewed on any CD-ROM drive.

Information that is presented on a CD Business Card is much more likely to be read than traditional printed materials. The possibilities of such a tool for marketing, advertising and sales purposes are virtually endless.

The card has about the same size as a business card and has a data capacity of 25 MB… Thousands of text pages, hundreds of images, an interactive catalogue of your company's products and services, or any other kind of multimedia presentation

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